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24 Lessons

24 Lessons from my 23rd year

1. People will make some choices for me, but no one can choose for me to get into Scripture, to call a friend, or to slow down.

2. Acceptance doesn’t come until I let go of what I think should’ve happened.

3. If given the choice I will usually choose to have a steady career, steady finances, steady relationships, steady health etc. Ironically this choice is the most “Austin-dependent” and the least “Spirit-dependent.”

4. It’s hard to be in places of desperation, but true desperation might be the only place that I am truly running to God alone.

5. I’m not as tough as I think I am. When faced with opposition, it’s my relationships with Christ-centered community that hold me accountable.

6. Distracting myself never accomplished anything.

7. By saving my soul, Jesus has healed the most important part of me already.

8. Doing life with people different than me remind me that I am not the main character.

9. Communicating directly about my needs makes for much healthier relationships, rather than just assuming that people will know.

10. It’s not the selfless love of Christ if I’m expecting something in return.

11. My motivations aren’t always as pure as I’d like to believe they are.

12. People that love me regardless of what I do, accomplish, present, are the biggest blessing.

13. It’s unhealthy to do everything with an audience in mind.

14. There is confidence to be found in who God is and who He has made me to be, I should live knowing both to be true. Act out of an abundance mindset, not a lacking mindset.

15. If I don’t leave some margin in my life, everything will cause me anxiety, stress, anger, sadness, etc.

16. Anger is often an alarm to another emotion.

17. My imagination can be a gift, but also a diversion from a painful daily reality.

18. Sometimes God uses me more when something is wrong in my life, because I have surrendered the idea that my own ability has anything to do with it.

19. God is present in my suffering. But sometimes I have to let go of some of my suffering to make room for Him.

20. I’ve been given people that want to fight for me, I shouldn’t choose to go at it solo anyway. It’s meaningful to go through this life with others and it’s prideful to think I can do it on my own.

21. True persistence in prayer and time truly meditating the Scriptures is a heart changer.

22. Work was never meant to give my life meaning, the meaning that my life was meant to give to my work.

23. I shouldn’t let comfortability take the place of intentionality.

24. My life is not a mistake.

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